Public Information

Our members are anonymous, our program of recovery is not.

Public Information is responsible for creating a greater understanding of (and preventing misunderstanding of) the AA program through the public media, electronic media, PI meetings and speaking to community groups.

Specifically, in District 9, our PI committee carries the message of what we are, what we do and what we offer in terms of helping the still sick and suffering alcoholic. We stay in touch with and respond to local media, schools, industries and other organizations which can report on the nature and purpose of AA. In addition, we provide a presence to informational fairs and other events where applicable. We provide access to literature and public service announcements in an effort to spread the word that help is available.

The general public is welcome to reach out to our PI Committee and request more information.

Email: and

We suggest including the District 9 DCM on all emails to ensure information is properly coordinated.