Grapevine & Literature

Our members are anonymous, our program of recovery is not.

Grapevine & Literature is primarily concerned with recovery literature, including Grapevine and LaVina literature produced by the AA Grapevine and all conference approved literature and audio visual material produced and available through the General Service Office covering topics relating to specific areas of service (Corrections, Treatment, Public Information and the like) as well as books, pamphlets, and guidelines geared towards the individual member, group life and general service at all levels.

Specifically, in District 9, this committee focuses on educating the AA member and AA Groups on what literature is available for purchase or borrow and assisting members and groups in securing needed materials to support carrying the message of recovery.

Individual members, groups and the general public looking for more information or guidance on how to secure materials may reach out to the Grapevine & Literature committee for more information.

Email: and

We suggest including the District 9 DCM on all emails to ensure information is properly coordinated.