Our members are anonymous, our program of recovery is not.

Corrections encourages AA members to assume responsibility for carrying the message to alcoholics behind the walls. Additionally, the committee reviews all aspects of service to AA groups in correctional facilities, and makes recommendations for changes and/or improvements. Still further, it is concerned with clarifying what AA can and cannot do, within the Traditions to help inmate alcoholics both inside and upon release.

Specifically, in District 9, our Corrections committee supports the district, groups & individual members’ efforts in establishing AA meetings in correctional facilities where there are none and provides support in those facilities where there are issues or needs. The committee acts as a liaison to Correctional Facility Professionals in coordinating the application process to getting members admitted to the facilities.

Any member who wishes to embark on this most gratifying way of carrying the message as well as any Correctional Facility Professionals who would like more information on AA behind the walls may contact our Corrections Committee and request more information.

Email: and

We suggest including the District 9 DCM on all emails to ensure information is properly coordinated.